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Dr. Mo'Hyla

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Dr. Mo’Hyla graduated from Buffalo State College with a Bachelor of Science degree specializing
in Health and Wellness with a concentration in Adult Fitness and Nutrition, and a minor in Athletic
Coaching. She then went on to receive her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at D’Youville College. She was
inspired to become a chiropractor after sports injuries from playing competitive soccer for the first 25
years of her life. Her experiences working as a personal trainer and nutritionist for nearly 10 years
before becoming a Chiropractic Physician allowed her to work with a very diverse population seeking
help with improving their physical function, improving their health via nutrition and targeted
supplementation, as well as recovering from injuries of all sorts. Manual chiropractic adjustments and
soft tissue therapies work together to help your body function properly, whether you’re an athlete,
office worker, parent, or a modern day technology user, everyone can benefit from not only pain relief
but total wellness benefits of regular chiropractic care and a personalized nutritional program to reach
health and lifestyle goals.

Dr. Mo’Hyla’s education and professional experiences have always come from the heart of helping
others. Whether you want to maintain your body’s physical performance with preventative care, treat a
new or recurring injury, relieve existing pain, or reach your true athletic potential, Dr. Mo’Hyla can help.
At Balanced Body Center, our motto is to “adjust the way you live.” We use a proprietary phase
approach to care. We focus on getting rid of pain and symptoms, but most importantly, we focus on
balancing the body with custom nutritional intervention, as well as focus on stability around the spine
and joints, for long term improvements in health and function throughout life.

Customizable Nutrition Plans 

With our Naturopathic Wellness Coach

Our 3-Phase programming allows us to not only get you out of pain, but it allows us to teach you how
to stay out of pain, for good! We also work with you to provide a custom nutrition plan to keep your body and mind
aligned for long term health and vitality.

We provide a thorough investigation of the cause and source of whatever aches and pains you maybe dealing with.

You will receive one on one time with Dr. Mo’Hyla during your first appointment that you won’t find elsewhere.

Your first appointment is the most important. During that appointment, we
take the time to accurately figure out the source of your problem and this time gives you a chance to get to know us and get your questions answered. 

The team at Balanced Body Center

strives to make you feel welcome,

especially when our “chirodogs” Oprie

and Olivia are in the office.

You will love our vibe!



Many People Come to us for help with:

Stress Reduction


Postural Imbalances

"Text Neck"

Overuse Injuries

Herniated Disks

Sports Injuries


Neck Pain

Back Pain

Digestive Health

Lifestyle Enhancement

Weight Loss Solutions

Custom Health Solutions, Featuring Gene SNP DNA Analysis 

Health & Wellness Coaching

Proven Weight Loss System

Nutritional Analysis


The Customized Way to Optimize Your Health

The Nutri-Physical is an internet-based analysis tool that recommends a customized nutritional supplementation program to improve an individualʼs quality of life.

If you need questions or guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



 777 Palm Ave, Suite 8
Sarasota, FL 34236



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