Finding the wellness plans to achieve your goals. Together we will adjust the way you live.

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Dr. Mo'Hyla graduated from D'Youville College in Buffalo, NY. 
Prior to becoming a Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Mo'Hyla worked with a very diverse population as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist for nearly 10 years, before receiving advanced training as a nutrametrix consultant. That opportunity has allowed Dr. Mo'Hyla to work alongside many other healthcare professionals throughout the US, designing customized wellness solutions to better address their patient's needs.
Dr. Mo'Hyla is trained to treat a variety of conditions and incorporates many techniques when establishing each patient's specific treatment plan. Through continuous monitoring, open communication, and effective treatments, Dr. Mo'Hyla is committed to finding alternatives to drugs and surgery.


Rachel is a certified Naturopathic Wellness Coach. Her journey started 9 years ago after a  personal lifestyle transformation utilizing the weight management program taught at balanced body center! Rachel has been involved in the study of natural health, fitness, and nutrition since 2010. Rachel works with clients throughout the US, providing the necessary tools and education for individuals and families to improve the quality of their health and lifestyle. 
Rachel's expertise extends to working with forward thinking healthcare providers around the country as a Nutrametrix Consultant, where she helps implement customized wellness programs.

 Everyone’s gene makeup is very different. What may work for some clients as far as diet and exercise plans go, may not work well for others, just as one size does not fit all.  Utilizing the Gene SNP DNA Analysis and a team approach at balanced body center, our vision is to  find the wellness plan best designed to help you attain your goals. Rachel specializes in lifestyle changes for the long-term, not quick fixes. Together, we will identify goals, uncover obstacles, and develop strategies to overcome them!

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